ExtraOrd is a registered nonprofit organization that promotes academic achievement and lifelong success of at-risk kids through education, mentoring, and economic empowerment. ExtraOrd mission is to combats two prevalent, yet preventable problems in our world today – alarming high school dropout rates and chronic childhood hunger. Every year, 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the U.S. alone; and over 3.1 million children die of hunger and hunger-related diseases, mostly in Africa.

By working with high school students using our unique mentoring and tutoring model, ExtraOrd is educating and uplifting students to persevere and complete high school – and continue on to college. In conjunction, ExtraOrd builds quality food banks and food pantries that specifically serve children and families with children in Africa and other under-resourced communities – and saving countless lives.

ExtraOrd Magazine is a part of that unique model. Unlike other teen magazines, ExtraOrd Magazine is filled with motivational and educational content that will help at-risk students realize their potential and help all students succeed. ExtraOrd Magazine also elevates the social value of academic performance among young people, celebrates achievements, and promotes excellence. We are turning the social tide of what it means to be “cool”, one magazine at a time. Our goal is to give a free monthly subscription of ExtraOrd Magazine (digital and print) to every high school student.

Your donation today will provide struggling high school students the tools they need to succeed and also help feed starving children and save lives. Children are the most vulnerable among us and do not have the ability to help themselves, but you do. Please help now! Join us today to save lives and be a Global Champion of Change! For any questions or help making your donation, please contact our Donor Care Representative at 202-853-8227.  

For questions or requests about our services, please use the contact form below.

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