Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day. About 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time. Almost 2,000 high schools across the U.S. graduate less than 60% of their students. Major reasons for dropping out include academic challenges, low parental education, lack of motivation, poverty, work or family responsibilities, and bullying.

While funding is an important factor in strong education systems, incentives that promote learning are even more critical. By placing high social value on academic achievement and celebrating top performers; we aim to elevate the cultural appreciation of high academic achievements and encourage our students to want to do well in school. Recognizing and celebrating outstanding students who, through their effort, resourcefulness, and ability, have shown a seriousness of purpose in their education can be a powerful incentive to young people everywhere. These high performers are the new role model for our children; they are our Global Change Ambassador and we fondly call them the ExtraOrds for their extraordinary achievements.

In addition to holding academic excellence in high regard, we also celebrate great teachers and treat them with great respect…high-quality teachers are very important in improving students’ outcome.

For some students, factors beyond their control such as low parental education, poverty, family relationships, poor schools and low expectations threaten their academic success. Today, we are helping to bridge the gap through our simplified and unique academic mentoring and exam coaching program that help at-risk kids succeed in high school and enter their dream colleges. We partner with high achieving college students to provide online and offline Near-Peer Mentoring to at-risk students.